New Employees
– Tom

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Tom’s story

“In my first 9 months of starting my new job, the GiveBack platform has been an aspect I have engaged with regularly. Not only participating and sharing myself but also seeing how my colleagues are giving back to their communities around Australia. Before joining, I had heard of the GiveBack program the business used. It was definitely a factor that played in the decision-making process to join the business, as it showed a level of commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.

Being a new employee, in a company that was geographically spread, GiveBack was a great way to build relationships with people I may never get to engage with otherwise. By donating to initiatives that other colleagues are running or even just striking a conversation about causes etc, that may be out of the usual work dialogue. It was also a way to build better rapport with my direct team, by doing a GiveBack initiative together as a team outside of the office.

The area of CSR has become of interest of mine in my professional career, and something I would like to continue to work into my career. GiveBack has enabled me to show this side of my personality and weave my passion into the workplace. Which has opened doors and conversations with my peers in my short time at the business.”