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An Employee Story


A Talent Manager Story

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Employees that give together stay together—creating a culture of purpose lowers turnover by up to 43%

Employees that give together stay together—creating a culture of purpose lowers turnover by up to 43%

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Here’s how GiveBack works

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It’s easier to make a greater social impact, engage employees and become an employer & business partner of choice

The GiveBack plug-in uses social networking and gamification to make it simple and quick for employees to get involved with and share corporate social responsibility initiatives.

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A familiar user interface creates an instant connection between employees and company initiatives.



An in-built bot makes it straightforward and standardised to broadcast, celebrate and promote your CSR activities.



Gamification makes it fun— encouraging friendly competition and improving employee engagement.



Access aggregated data through the admin dashboard to track and report your company’s social good.

Want to know more about how it can work for your CSR efforts?

GiveBack helps your employees

  • Build stronger relationships in a hybrid-work environment
  • Bring more meaning to their work
  • Be part of a community and make a difference
  • Use their employment as a vehicle for good

GiveBack helps employers

  • Attract and retain talent
  • Quantify and report on your social outcomes (ESG)
  • Improve engagement, staff fulfilment, and productivity
  • Enhance your social impact storytelling

GiveBack does things differently

Unlike most standalone CSR products, GiveBack leverages your existing communication platform meaning minimal change management to consider and no separate platform to learn.

We provide organisations with a way to connect a location-dispersed workforce, share successes and recognise achievements, empowering your employees to become the champions of your CSR program.


GiveBack benefits all

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95% of employees believe businesses should benefit all stakeholders—not just shareholders— including employees, customers, suppliers, and communities they operate within.

GiveBack started as an engagement tool within the WorkPac Group, Australia’s largest privately-owned recruitment company. The three-year pilot was so successful that we knew it could benefit other organisations and their communities.

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Are you a charity? Get in touch today to start using GiveBack for free to enhance your volunteer experience.


Together, we can make a difference.

We’re currently working with several release partners, and we’d love you to be part of the journey too.

Talk to the team at GiveBack today about how we can help you build, enrich and amplify your organisation’s employee-giving culture.